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The Social Studies Supervisors Network (OCSS SupNet) is a working group for social studies leaders
(curriculum specialists, supervisors, academic coaches, teacher leaders, etc.) in Ohio schools dedicated to the sharing of research, best practices, problem solving and leadership ideas that support and elevate K-12 social studies education in Ohio.  

About SupNet Meetings:

  • All are welcome
  • It is free (although we do request that you invest in the inexpensive yet awesome membership into OCSS found on this website)
  • Meeting updates, announcements, and minutes are sent via e-mail list serve (contact to be added)
  • Meetings generally include the following:
    • personal updates and Q and A from ODE Social Studies Consultant
    • shared leadership, discussion and development of a product around a yearly "Focus Area"
    • sharing data analysis, resources, strategies and occasionally guest speakers
    • shared problem solving
  • Special Note:  The learning and value of the meetings has far greater impact in person than  just taking the opportunity to review the minutes/notes.  Your contribution of time and talent at meetings is deeply valued. 

    Fall 2022
    Slide Show

    Fall 2021
    Agenda Notes


    Spring 2021
    Agenda/Notes from Meeting

    Fall Meetings were Postponed


    Focus Area of Work 2019-2020: 
    To build on the foundations of PD around Inquiry (from 18-19) including the following:

    • Continue to build activities related to building and stress testing compelling questions, developing supporting questions and sources.  
    • Activities that support creation of Sustained/Structured, Focused, and Guided Inquiries
    • Developing guidance around teacher inquiry planning for a course and/or K-12 vertical integration plan
    • Developing the action steps necessary for a course and/or K-12 vertical integration   

    Winter update:  The following goals above are being sourced through the very latest learning around IDM (IDM 2019 Institute) as well as the integration of Inquiry to blend with other critical goals of districts (i.e., future ready skills, cross-curricular inquiry projects, etc.). 

    Fall Meeting: 10/15 at Embassy in Columbus

    Winter Meeting:  Friday January 31st, 2020 (OHC)

    Spring Meeting:  May 1st, 2020 (OHC)


    Focus Area of Work 2018-2019: 
    As initial C3 Inquiry Education in Social Studies and Inquiry Design Model (IDM) have been introduced over the past 5 years best practice around planning for instruction and development of Inquiries has evolved, particularly in the realm of curriculum mapping and logistics around sustained vs. focused inquiry.  The Focus Area includes:

    • Introducing (level-setting) teachers around what we know about Inquiry in Social Studies and the IDM from the latest perspectives, particularly addressing "why it is so significant" and how the many other instructional priorities integrate with Inquiry.
    •  Use inquiry based activities in a PD setting that will help social studies teachers establish changing to an inquiry based classroom and how it integrates with other elements of teaching and learning.
    (A special thanks to Ryan Suskey from the Ohio Center for Law Related Education (OCLRE) for offering expert knowledge and support around Inquiry and the IDM. Be sure to check out OCLRE related PD around Inquiry for teachers and leaders.

    Final Project (18-19)

    SupNet Meetings, 2015-2018

    • For notes, links, or past projects please contact SupNet director Adam Motter:

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