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Advocacy Toolkit

Today's Social Studies…Creating Effective Citizens.

That's what we do, and our task is essential to maintaining an effective democracy. However, not everyone understands this. When this message is understood, students will benefit, schools will have greater support, and social studies teachers and other educators will find their job more rewarding.

There's no group better suited to be advocates for the social studies profession nor better equipped to communicate the importance of social studies education than NCSS. NCSS's greatest resources in creating greater awareness of the importance of social studies education are our members and our councils. YOU have the best understanding of social studies; YOU are in every corner of the United States, and YOU can reach out to people throughout the country.

In this Tool Kit, we have outlined our objectives for the advocacy campaign and numerous sample materials you can use to promote social studies education. An awareness campaign, such as this one, works best with a grassroots approach. Using this kit, you can influence key audiences locally. A partnership between the national office and local affiliates is the most effective way to deliver our important message.

There are two ways you can help communicate for social studies:

  1. Become involved in this campaign; and
  2. Practice solid public relations each day of your professional career.

Throughout the kit, you will find specific ideas on how you can become involved marked with the symbol Lightbulb icon. All have proven effective in schools around the country.

Working together, we can create greater awareness of the important work each NCSS member does every day. We can explain to America that Today's Social Studies Creates Effective Citizens.



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More information can be found here: NCSS Legislative Toolkit

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