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Veterans Day

Veterans Day Resources and Activities


November 11th is Veterans Day.  This is a day where we all pause to honor those who have served our nation and protected our freedoms in armed forces.  Across America, people will be taking part in a variety of patriotic ceremonies and military tributes. In schools, students, teachers, and administrators will be conducting “flag raising ceremonies, assemblies, and lessons that emphasize veterans and their role in our history.”


According to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3313.602), every school district in the state of Ohio is required to observe Veterans Day and do a program and/or lesson “that coveys the meaning and significance of that day. The amount of time that each school devotes to this observance shall be at least one hour or, in schools that schedule class periods of less than one hour, at least one standard class period.”  


This site provides several activities, lessons, and resources for elementary, middle, and high school students. 


Lesson Plans and Activities

Connecting Veterans and Active Service Personnel to Social Studies Classrooms

The most obvious connection for inviting a veteran or active service member into a social studies classroom is to speak to students about days of remembrance), a specific war or the life of a soldier. However, there are many places in our curriculum where local veterans can be an excellent resource. While Veterans Day and Memorial Day are obvious classroom connections, we encourage teachers to consider opportunities like those listed in the OCSS Veterans in the Social Studies Classroom Resource.
The booklet provides:
  • curricular connections
  • tips for both the teacher and the guest speaker in preparing for classroom visits
  • links to educational programs and resources
  • flag etiquette and folding ceremony information
  • links to state and national veteran organizations

Download the Veterans in the Classroom booklet!

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